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Multishape II

Multishape II is a non-surgical body contouring machine that provides immediate results with no downtime.  This treatment is comfortable and safe!!  No negative side effects, only impressive results that can be seen on your very first visit.

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How it Works

The newest technology in non-invasive body sculpting and skin rejuvination is MultiShape.   Multishape, uses a combination of powerful Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency (RF), Focused Infrared, and Endermology (suction and rollers).   This innovative system allows us to combine various treatments, to deliver fast, effective solutions for fat reduction, body shaping, skin firming. and cellulite reduction.

Here are some of the many benefits that you can achieve using the Multishape II technology:

  • A non-invasive option to shape and sculpt various body parts such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.
  • A comfortable relaxing treatment with no downtime.
  • The ability to target fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.
  • The ability to firm skin by improving collagen production.
  • Excellent results can be achieved in 6 to 10 treatments, depending on the area.

What should I Expect?

Depending upon the treatment area, a combination of ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency, suction, infrared led and rollers may be utilized during your body contouring session. With each pulse, you will feel a “warm sensation.”  Most people find this treatment so relaxing that they fall asleep.

How Many Treatments will I need:

Multiple treatments, at regular intervals, is the key to achieving the best results. We recommend that clients have a minimum of 6 sessions, 1 to 2 times per week over a 4 to 8 week period.

Risks and side effects:

Redness and possible bruising may occur. If you are feeling discomfort from the heat, please let your technician know right away


Surgery: If you have undergone any surgical procedures in the last 6 months, please let your technician know.
Pregnancy: New mothers can safely start treatments 6 weeks after childbirth (c-sections may require longer).  If you are breast feeding you may want to wait as breast feeding may slow down lymphatic drainage and hinder results.
Pacemakers, Internal Defibrillator, or Severe Cardiac Disorders: please consult your physician to determine if this is a safe treatment for you.
Skin Cancer: If you have a history of skin cancer or pre-malignant moles,  Multishape could cause irritation in the affected area.
Skin conditions:  It is best to schedule treatments when skin conditions in treatment areas such as sores, psoriasis, eczema, herpes and rash are no longer active to avoid irritation of skin.
Superficial metal or other implants: It is best to speak with your doctor is these items are present in the treatment area.

What should I do after my treatment? 

  • You may resume your regular activities immediately.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid excess carbs and very large meals that may expand your stomach.
  • Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine for up to 24 hours


Follow Up:

  • Treatments should be scheduled once or twice weekly.
  • Maintenance treatments should be scheduled as directed by the technician to maintain long term results.
  • Following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will help to maintain the results you achieve with MULTISHAPE II.


To find out if MultiShape is right for you, it is recommended to schedule a consultation. It is important to note that while MultiShape can help achieve aesthetic goals, it is not a weight loss solution or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

Although, measureable  fat reduction and body shaping occur during your first visit, Multishape is most effective when a series of sessions are completed.  Typically clients are encouraged to consider a series of  6 to 10 sessions in order to experience significant, permanent fat reduction, skin firming and improvement in cellulite.

  • $149 (Consultation & Introductory Session)
  • $450 (SINGLE Session)
  • $1650 (PACKAGE of 5 Sessions*)

* Applies to large areas such as abdomen, flanks & thighs, smaller areas may be less depending on treatment time.