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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything before or after the wrap?
1. Women should bring an extra pair of underwear and an extra bra. A sports bra is ideal.
2. Men should bring an extra pair of boxers or briefs to be worn during the wrap (if available the compression boxer/briefs  are preferred.)
3. Your skin should be free of any lotions or powders. Deodorant is fine.
4. Do not eat for 2 hours prior to your wrap.

After the wrap, we recommend you do not shower for several hours or until the next day if possible. There is no odor or residue from the wrap and you will be able to safely return to your daily activities. We also recommend drinking a lot of water and avoiding foods that are high in salt, sugar or other substances that are not healthy for the body.

How does the body wrap work?
Metabolic waste, chemicals, stress, medication and pollution in our environment overload body systems, causing water retention and soft spongy, cellulite-ridden tissue. The wrap is a procedure which includes wrapping the entire body in elastic bandages soaked with a natural mineral solution. During the one hour period, the client does light exercise to help maximize the results of the process.

How long will my appointment take?
Your first visit will take about 2 hours. Repeat visits will take 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

How many inches will I lose?
It is impossible to predict exact inch loss because each person is different.  The total inch loss is calculated from  19 measurements of the body (upper arms, chest, hips, thighs, calves, midriff, abdomen, etc.) taken before and after the wrap. On average, first time clients will experience inch loss of approximately 9 to 13 inches across the body with their first Power Wrap

Is this wrap dehydrating?
No. In fact this wrap is considered to be hydrating. Our proprietary mineral solution is applied to the body using ace bandages. Once the bandages are applied, the distilled minerals solution is then absorbed through the skin creating a fluid exchange to leave you hydrated and energized.

How long will my results last?
While it is not possible to predict exactly how long results will last, the average is for 1 – 2 months depending on factors such as age, diet, weight maintenance and metabolism.  However, a poor diet can result in less time.

How quickly will I see results?
You will see results immediately when you are unwrapped. The skin will appear tighter, cellulite will look smoother, stretch marks will be visibly reduced. The shape of the body may be visibly different and your clothes usually fit slightly different.  We recommend wearing or bringing a tight pair of jeans so you can see and feel the difference more easily.

Can the wrap help with a double chin?
The Power Body Wrap includes  the face. A certain amount of tightening is achieved on the face and under the chin. For clients who only want to slenderize facial appearance, or want extra results on the face without wrapping their entire body they can choose to just have their face wrapped.

Will the wrap help with cellulite?
Yes! Customers often comment that they see a noticeable change after being wrapped just one time, and that cellulite continues to become less visible with repeated treatments.

How many wraps will I need?
The number of wraps is determined by what your goals are and how your body responds to the wrap. To reduce specific body areas or cellulite, or to maximize inch loss, you should come in for a wrap once or twice a week until your objectives are met. If you are dieting and excercising for weight loss, or have undergone a surgical procedure for weight reduction, it is recommended you come in for a wrap about every 3  to  5 pounds you lose.

How frequently can I get a body wrap?
This process is safe enough to do multiple times in one day. Immediate goals, such as a wedding or military tape may require that the process be sped up through multiple wraps in one day.  Otherwise set your own timeframe.  As a new client we would recommend doing a series of 3 wraps within a 2 week period.  This will give you a great jump start with your inch loss and keep you motivated for a weightloss or excercise program. 

How do I maintain my results?
We recommend one Power Wrap every 1 month, once you have reached your goals.

Will I lose weight?
Inches, not pounds, is what the body wrap is designed for.  This is not a water loss process so no weight will be lost.

Are there any medical considerations?
If you are on medication or have a medical condition, you should obtain your doctor’s permission. The body wrap should not be done if you have any contagious condition, open wounds, or irritation of the skin caused by other medical conditions.