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Do You Need Help Passing a Military Tape Test

Slender Spa has a proven track record of helping military men and women, pass the dreaded tape test!!

If you need a couple of inches off your waist or hips we can help!!  We have both a body contouring system that offers immediate fat reduction in a targeted area and our body wraps also help to reduce inches across the body.  A combination of these two services or a series of either can be very help in reducing the circumference of your waist/hips or both!

Here is a review from one of our clients.  He had a combination of body wraps (2 lipase wraps) and Vasershape sessions (6 sessions) and lost a total of 12 pounds on his own.  In 6 weeks he transformed his body!!

The review below was posted on Google.
Hello all you healthy people, I just wanted to provide a testimony for Anita at Slender Spa, 2235 A Tackett Mill Drive Woodbridge, VA 22192. This is not a paid advertisement. I am a real person that went through this program. Through pray, God’s guidance and Anita’s program, I experienced great success and wanted to share this experience with others with similar issues and inspire those needing a push.
I am in the military and have always struggled with my body fat and tape test. After I discovered I had major knees issues, I have not been able to run 6-7 miles a day so I struggled with maintaining my weight. So last year, Jun 01, 2016 I decided to commit to getting my weight under control. I weighed in at 256 pounds on Jun 01, 2016. I worked my tail off by changing my nutritional plan and establishing an aggressive workout program in order to get my weight down to 216 by Jan 2017. Although I lost the weight, I struggled to improve my waist circumference. My waist circumference was approximately between 44-46 inches so I decided to call Anita at Slender Spa. Just for your knowledge I’ve used her before about 8 years ago with great success. But this time my issue was more complex. I only had less than two months to get my waist circumference between 37-39 inches before my official weigh-in. When I call Anita and told her about my circumstance she said, “I will help you but it will be a challenge because that is a lot of inches to lose in less than two months.” I went to Slender Spa the last week of Jan 2017 and received a double body wrap treatment. Anita said this type of treatment will take too long and I will not reach my goal in less than two months. So she recommended I receives five series VASERShape treatments. VASERShape is a safe and effective body contouring system that can help you achieve the body you want without the risk of surgery. It is a non-invasive, fat reduction treatment used to shape problem areas of the body. VASERShape uses a combination of ultrasound and massage therapy to breakdown cell wall membranes allowing fat to escape into the body. Once in the body, the fat can be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system and liver.
So I started my first treatment on February 02, 2017. I my waist circumference was 44 inches after the first treatment. Anita recommended that I change my nutrition to a high protein program from my current low carb/low protein plan until I reach my desired goal. So I took her up on her recommendation. I also worked out about 2-hours a day for 5-6 days a week and drank a gallon of water a day. So you have to do your part and put in the work to get the maximum effect of the treatments. This is not a MAGIC PROGRAM that allows you to eat whatever you want and not exercise. On February 09, 2017, my weight was 212 pounds and my waist circumference was 42.5 inches, On February 16, 2017 we didn’t take a measurement. On March 09, 2017, my weight was 210 pounds and my waist circumference was 41 inches. On March 16, 2017 my weight was 214 pounds and my waist circumference was 40.5 inches. On March 23, 2017 my weight was 202 pounds and my waist circumference was 38.6 inches. I also did a heat wrap treatment on March 23 because I was concerned about the .6 inches. On March 24, 2017, I conducted my official military weigh-in and past. My waist circumference was measured at 38 inches by my unit fitness coordinator. Because I partnered with Anita and did my part, I was able to meet my desired goal.
Anita was awesome, professional, patient, flexible and sensible to my needs. She motivated me and encouraged me to work harder. I highly recommend the treatments Slender Spa offers especially the VASERShape treatment. I plan to continue using her service because I have other goals I want to attain. Please take a look at my attached photos and work chart. I promise you these items are not alternative facts.