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Benefits of Mineral Wraps

People get body wraps for a number of reasons.  Some are looking to reduce inches, firm skin, improve energy while others just want a relaxing spa treatment.  Most people, however do not realize that mineral body wraps can make a REAL difference, in the way you feel.  Mineral wraps, like the ones offered at Slender Spa are used to help draw out metabolic waste from the body.  This waste comes from chemicals, environmental pollutants and even the products we use on our skin.   This waste causes cells to retain extra fluid and as a result, cells become swollen and inflamed making our bodies feel sluggish.  Mineral body wraps not only help to draw out metabolic waste, but can also help replenish minerals in the body. 

Most of us are familiar with minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, these minerals referred to as macrominerals and are used by the body in large quantities.   Other minerals, required by our bodies at much smaller level are called microminerals, or more commonly trace minerals. Both types of minerals play a vital role in our health, and are necessary for healthy bones, joints, muscles, brain and heart functions to name just a few.  Unfortunately, our food supply doesn’t contain the same mineral content it once did.  The reasons aren’t entirely clear, but it can be assumed that over use of soil and processing procedures may contribute to this reduction.

Mineral body wraps can provide an immediate influx of minerals into the body through the skin.  At Slender Spa, our body wraps include but are not limited to the following macro and trace minerals:    Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sodium, Carbon Magnesium, MSM, Potassium, Boron, MSM, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Selenium & Iodine to name just a few.   So, the next time you think about getting a body wrap, make sure its one that can offer you some REAL health benefits.  You will not only feel better because of the minerals but your clothes might fit a little looser too.