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Why You Should Consider A Spray Tan

The top reasons people prefer spray tanning:

  1.  Instant results.  Getting an airbursh spray tan that gives you a golden glow only takes 15 minutes.  Traditional tanning beds or laying in the sun can take weeks to get the desired color.
  2. Spray tans make you look thinner and feel sexy.  Have you ever wondered why body builders always get a tan before competitions?  That’s why!!
  3. Healthier alternative.  The evidence of skin damage has been well documented.  Save your skin and get a spray tan that includes all natural, organic ingredients.
  4. All skin types can tan.  Some people cannot achieve that beautiful glow by laying out in the sun or using a tanning bed.  Airbrush spay tans work the same for everyone, regardless of your skins natural tanning ability.
  5. Control of color.  Spray tans look smooth and provide an even color across your body.   If you want a light tan, tell your spray tan technician… they can always go darker if you want more.