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“It’s All You!” Bra

Most conventional department store bras are made with sales in mind, not orthopedic protection of the woman, this often results in a bra that offers: improper support, poor circulation, lymphatic constriction, displaced tissue, permanent shoulder indentation, poor posture, shoulder and underarm pinching, thickened midriff, unsightly bulges, lesions and pain.
Beginning with the publishing of “Dressed to Kill,” * a book by Dr. Sydney Ross, into the relation between bras and breast-cancer, many researchers have joined with studies of their own. Others, such as Dr. Mark Weiss and Gregory Haig, a leading homeopath, warn us about the need to allow the lymphatic system to flush toxins freely, without restriction.

The “It’s All You!” Bra design supports the bust, taking strain off your shoulders and back. Wider strap design relieves pressure and increases comfort. Contour guides follow the natural shape of the bustline while acting to reclaim displaced tissue. Drop cup design lets you determine your personal fit throughout the month, including through pregnancy and lactation. Underband features create more comfortable overall support, eliminate bounce and protect you from premature sagging.

The “It’s All You!” Bra does not cut off blood flow or lymphatic flow as other bras do. It’s a healthier bra!

With 24 specific cups and a full 185 individual sizes available, the “It’s All You!” Bra has a virtually unlimited range for a perfect, comfortable fit.