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These kitties do work. Literally. Learn more:

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Reason #1 why dogs are better than boyfriends: No whining over a Saturday night in. #ValentinesDay (IG IAmJohnRambo)

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What better way to celebrate #MakeAFriendDay than by adopting a pet?

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@ananabanana Look at all that #puppylove :)-- DM us your mailing information for your prize!

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@kte116 Such a cute pic!! You’ve won a prize! DM us your mailing info to claim it. :)

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What can a mineral body wrap do for you?

Most of our clients find that they feel “refreshed and energized and clothes fit better.”  How does this happen?  As you are wrapped in our mineral body wrap solution, your body absorbs the minerals and releases the older fluids contained in the body.  Put simply there is a fluid exchange that happens.  There is no […]

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